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Full Version: Useless Degrees?
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Do you think there is such a thing as a useless degree, or do you feel the knowledge is intrinsically worthwhile and can be translated to gainful employment, even in a different field?
No, I don't think that any degree is useless. I think any degree that allows you to have more knowledge and feel fulfilled is a good thing. Just because you don't use it for employment doesn't make it useless, in my opinion.
I believe there are plenty of useless degrees. There is so much information about things that really matter in life that people could be getting instead of silly things that are never going to matter again. People spend all this money on a degree that they don't use and are not even going to remember most of what they were told and even if they did, the only use it would have is if you were going to go on Jeopardy.
Yes, I think that there are degrees that are useless, but I don't think it's intrinsic to the degree, but rather depends on the person receiving it and whether they use it for anything or not.
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